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I have to credit the little buddy with this creation. It’s true. He came upstairs yesterday with a bunch of broken sticks in his hand and said “he need to build somethin'” Immediatley I remembered seeing this wreath on Delia Creates last year. I loved it, but between all the rain we’d been getting and a 1 month old, I wasn’t trekking out to gather sticks.

But this year it was fun. We went on a “stick hunt” and found a bunch of sticks, and scraped a lot of dead bark off and then sat on the sun soaked back steps to start making our “sun.”

That lovely sun soon turned into an oven and then the buddy lost interest helping, and ran off to play in the yard, and of course I ran out of sticks and had to persuade the buddy to go on another stick hunt. Back at the porch I heard the sweetie crying–awake from her morning nap. Several glue sticks later, I had the sticks all glued on, and the sticks the sweetie had stepped on glued back on. We went inside for lunch.

I finally went and checked Delia’s blog to see how she’d done her wreath-obviously mine was a bit different, but I decided I didn’t want it to be a Halloween one as much as a festival fall one. So I added rosettes instead of painting it black. I’ve never been able to master the rosette before. Every attempt (like 2) have always ended in failure. It’s true. But my sister had given me the cutest rosette clip for the little sweetie and so I called her and she walked me through it (here isher online tutorial). Being able to ask her my questions rather than trying to follow a tutorial helped this time. Anyway, I clipped off some little orange twiggy things from some garland I have and wala, I’m so excited about how it turned out! The little buddy told me this morning “I really like your sun! What are we going to put in the middle?” I told him we could put his face 🙂 He didn’t think that was a good idea.

Moral of story:
1.  Don’t sit in the hot early autumn sun to glue your branches on (the glue doesn’t really set well).
2.  Do it when the kids are in bed if at all possible (except the stick hunt of course).
3.  Have an awesome sister to walk you through the tutorial.


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