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You can also print this on any kind of paper. I cut down some ikea wrapping paper and used that! I love the natural feel it gives. I would’ve used paper grocery bags, but I didn’t have any on hand. I would recommend you print on a medium weight text stock so you can bend and pinch the paper with ease (28-80lb text stock – your local print shop will know what I mean).

Decorate your boxes with glitter ribbon, fancy brads, markers, paints, crayons or anything. This would be great for a family activity for neighbor gifts.

I do hope you get around to making a few of these this Christmas season! Read more for the download and step by step instructions for assembly.

You’ll want to print it out on medium stock and cut out the design, it’s 8 inches by 8 inches. Decorate as desired and turn design-side down.

Fold the bottom corner to the top 1/3 line. If you’ve printed on medium weight stock, you’ll see a line where to fold. Repeat on top and bottom.

Fold sides in thirds as well. Be sure to nicely crease your paper with a bone folder or tongue depressor.

Fold out the diagonals by meeting one 1/3 line to the adjacent 1/3 line. repeat for all four corners.

Now meet those folded corners to the opposite 1/3 line.

As you meet the corners to the opposite 1/3 line, the paper will start to fold in and form the box. Repeat for the other side, meeting those corners on top of your previous corners.

Punch a hole through all the layers of paper. Use paper and brads or knotted string or ribbon to secure those fold together to form a box. Fill with goodies and give away.